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I Was Loved. Black. Girl. Child. Afraid. Uncertain. Hurt. Alone. Timid. Molested. Scared. Sheltered. Naïve. Protected. Hidden. Weak. Exposed. Smart. Dyslectic. Daughter. Feminine. Curious. Liar. Naïve. Unprotected. Reader. Discover. Used. Abused. Overlooked. Considerate. Talkative. Quiet. Inquisitive. Observer. Bullied. Sensitive. Dreamer. Silly. Immature. Student. Bad friend. Gullible. Energetic. Gossiper. Weak. Vulnerable. Rigid. Submissive. Overthinker. Funny. Redeemed. Wealthy. Giver. Innocent. Fearful. Obedient.

I Am Loving. Black. Woman. Helper. Encourager. Nurturer. Giver. Builder. Servant. Overcomer. Vocal. Worshiper. Singer. Dancer. Jokester. Skater. Considerate. Observer. Business Owner. Employee. Worker. Advisor. Seer. Spirit Filled. Baptized. Jesus follower. Sensitive. Dreamer. Leader. Curse breaker. Innovator. Mature. Serious. Unbothered. Fighter. Justice Seeker. Promise Keeper. Coach. Student. Novelist. Individual. Spectator. Better friend. Wise. Strong. Thinker. Evolving. Wealthy. Giver. Happy. Influential. Careful. Smart. Focused.

I’ll Be Love. Black. Woman. Disruptive Innovator. Business Developer. Community activist. Giver. Cheerful. Servant leader. Encourager. Mentor. Creator. Creative. Artist. Traveler. Author. Bestseller. Designer. Seer. Believer. Dreamer. Christ follower. Evangelist. Leader. Visionary. Teacher. Coach. Student. Global. Conglomerate. Institution. Wiser. Stronger. Flexible. Impactful. Wealthy. An Institution. Caring. Thoughtful. Fearless. Rule breaker. Truth teller.

And you ask, what does this have to do with business? EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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I was listening to Bishop T. D. Jakes speak on "In the Lake Alone" from Matthew 14:22-32. It was profound to hear him teach on not being where you were, but also not being where you thought you would be either. Bishop Jakes hit the nail on the head about the things you encounter during your journey but never expected them. The things that had you going against the wind! The situations that could have led you back to where you started, but GOD!

In 2016 I resigned from my government position for many reasons, but mainly culture and a environment that wasn't condusive for my growth and vision. I had worked so long for survival that I accepted a great deal of disrespect and mistreatment. I undervalued my skills and gifts. I took for granted what I had to offer, allowing the people at the helm to do the same.

I decided why not take what I know and use it to earn an income and start my own business. I was so hyped to get started. I had so much drive and energy to use the knowledge I had gained over the years about government contracting,DREAM BIG. The foundational work was easy, it was structured and layed out so that I could navigate my way through being positioned to do business with the government. I also wanted to create courses to teach other small businesses how to do the same. But, I got tired...going against the wind. I was trying to row my boat toward my vision, but that darn wind was making my arms tired. Here I am 6 years later wondering why I am not THERE yet!

Many times I wonder if I'm lazy, procrastinating, or both. The answer is BOAF! There are times when rowing against the wind doesn't seem so daunting. I pump and prime myself to work towards the next phase, because it is truly like building an ark. Never having seen rain before, Noah was tasked with building this huge vessel to save himself and others, while hearing whispers of insanity from outside voices as well as him own. I can understand how Noah could have questioned the instructions for the vision layed out before him. I can understand maybe there was also some excitement to do what had never been done before. There also had to be faith along with a since of urgency because he didn't know what it would be like once the rain started. Noah had nothing to compare his situation to. It had never happened before.

I look at my own ark and begin to compare my progress of building to what I deem successful accomplishments of other people. Boy, oh boy, then doubt starts to creep in because I'm not futher along. I haven't made my first million. But, I have definitely spent a lick and added sweat equity in ensuring this ark doesn't sink with the rain finally does come.

The point of it all is that it's new. I don't know the outcome but, I have to continue to move forward even when the wind seems to keep me from making even more headway. I'm not where I started and I haven't given up even when there are days that I don't think I have anything left to give.

I will continue to build, learn, and grow even when the prevailing winds seem to be against me.

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