Do You See Me, Or Who the World Wants You To See?

I Was Loved. Black. Girl. Child. Afraid. Uncertain. Hurt. Alone. Timid. Molested. Scared. Sheltered. Naïve. Protected. Hidden. Weak. Exposed. Smart. Dyslectic. Daughter. Feminine. Curious. Liar. Naïve. Unprotected. Reader. Discover. Used. Abused. Overlooked. Considerate. Talkative. Quiet. Inquisitive. Observer. Bullied. Sensitive. Dreamer. Silly. Immature. Student. Bad friend. Gullible. Energetic. Gossiper. Weak. Vulnerable. Rigid. Submissive. Overthinker. Funny. Redeemed. Wealthy. Giver. Innocent. Fearful. Obedient.

I Am Loving. Black. Woman. Helper. Encourager. Nurturer. Giver. Builder. Servant. Overcomer. Vocal. Worshiper. Singer. Dancer. Jokester. Skater. Considerate. Observer. Business Owner. Employee. Worker. Advisor. Seer. Spirit Filled. Baptized. Jesus follower. Sensitive. Dreamer. Leader. Curse breaker. Innovator. Mature. Serious. Unbothered. Fighter. Justice Seeker. Promise Keeper. Coach. Student. Novelist. Individual. Spectator. Better friend. Wise. Strong. Thinker. Evolving. Wealthy. Giver. Happy. Influential. Careful. Smart. Focused.

I’ll Be Love. Black. Woman. Disruptive Innovator. Business Developer. Community activist. Giver. Cheerful. Servant leader. Encourager. Mentor. Creator. Creative. Artist. Traveler. Author. Bestseller. Designer. Seer. Believer. Dreamer. Christ follower. Evangelist. Leader. Visionary. Teacher. Coach. Student. Global. Conglomerate. Institution. Wiser. Stronger. Flexible. Impactful. Wealthy. An Institution. Caring. Thoughtful. Fearless. Rule breaker. Truth teller.

And you ask, what does this have to do with business? EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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